Waterproof membranes play a very important part in the construction of both commercial and residential buildings, where the design calls for either foundations or a basement being waterproofed, or where a flat roofing system and internal gutters are being used.

As a licensed Allnex applicator, the Construction Coatings team has experience with both fabric and liquid membrane waterproofing of the Soprema, Bituthene, and Elastodeck products; as well as the Equus range of products. We have also used the Araldite injection systems for crack repair, and torch-down roofing.




When the Wither Hills Winery on the outskirts of Blenheim embarked on creating a spectacular new cellar door and administration building with roof garden; a huge area of tanking was to be done to ensure waterproofing below ground.

The cellar and walls almost two storeys high were to be buried under 6,000m3 of backfill soil.  Approximately 800m2 of the cellar and 1,000m2 of the first floor was to be tanked. 

As there were two parts to the tanking process requiring two different methods of application, two types of materials were chosen for the tanking.  Both materials have a long history within the industry and are proven.  The two products are quite different, requiring quite different applications.

  • Allnex Bituthene 3000 for the Cellar - this product has a stick-on application
  • Allnex Soprema, using Soprasun 3 and 4 for the Roof Garden - this product is applied by being torched on.

Construction Coating's tanking made a successful contribution to the finished project.  The main contractor having picked up a top national accolade by beating four other contending finalists to win the National 2006 Gold Registered Master Builders Award for a Commercial and Business project.