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Franklyn Village Roof - 2011

The owner of Franklyn Village in Nelson had a problem with a part of the roof, in that after 50 years plus of service, it had begun to leak.

Previous owners had done a quick paint job to correct the problem, but it hadn't worked.

Having provided coatings to some ablution areas in the Village, Construction Coatings Limited were asked to provide a fix for the roof.

It was decided to remove the original membrane completely and correct the falls.  New drains were fabricated and installed.  Two layers of Nuplex Soprema torch-on membrane has just been applied.  Watch this space for progress and results.
Franklyn_1.JPG Franklyn_11.JPG
The old roof surface - and almost completed new Nuplex Soprema roof surface
Franklyn_2.JPG Franklyn_7.JPG
The old drains had been patched, but were not working - New drains have now been installed
Franklyn_3.JPG Franklyn_4.JPG
Franklyn_5.JPG Franklyn_10.JPG
The 'fall' towards the drain being corrected  
Franklyn_8.JPG Franklyn_9.JPG
The process of torching-on the membrane  

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