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ANZ Bank, Western Samoa - 2004

When the ANZ Bank building in Apia was leaking, Construction Coatings were invited by Fletcher Construction to provide a recommendation on how to repair the existing Butynol roof, bearing in mind that the new roof needed a grade of material suitable to heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • The first inspection was carried out with Fletcher Construction, and Construction Coatings immediately identified the issue of traffic flow on the roof.  The roof had not been intended for heavy foot traffic, but due to the social nature of the ANZ Bank team, the roof was often used for ANZ staff parties.  This pedestrian traffic created holes and leaks in the roofing material.
  • Over time the leaks had been patched with varying results.  Seams which had begun to fill with water had also been patched.
  • Construction Coatings' recommendation was to apply Elastodeck 5000 which is 100% trafficable to vehicle grade.  It is liquid applied, which creates a seamless result and is highly elastic.
  • The recommendation was accepted, and the roof was waterproofed in conjunction with Fletcher Challenge.  While Fletchers provided the staff and labour, Construction Coatings oversaw the job, providing expertise, staff training and materials.
  • Once work was finished, testing was conducted by holding approximately one inch of rain on the roof.  No leaks occurred.  The plugs were then released and the following six inches of rain that fell later that day showed no further leaks.  In February 2006 during a particularly heavy rainfall when 19 inches of rain fell overnight, there were no leaks at all - a hugely successful outcome.

The logistics of working offshore turned out to be the only challenge on this otherwise very straightforward job.
ANZ_Apia_1.jpg ANZ_Apia_2.JPG
ANZ Apia - Before: patches and leaking joints ANZ Apia - Finished Elastodeck 5000
ANZ_Apia_3_1.jpg ANZ_Apia_4.JPG
ANZ Apia - Coverage achieved with liquid membrane, especially around detail areas such as the 'feet'.

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