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Thawley Orchard Changing Room Floors - 2010

Jim Thawley has been in the orchard business for decades.  So too have the facilities for his staff!  

Jim asked Construction Coatings Limited to come up with an inexpensive durable system to freshen up his changing room and toilet floors.

Surfaglaze Topcoat from Nuplex was chosen for its speed of application and hard-as-nails wear surface. 

Our man Robert Lenting (now retired after 40 plus years in the industry) completed the work on schedule and the floors are now in use.  A simple and effective result.
Looking for a quick and inexpensive way of tidying up your commercial changing room or toilet floors? 
Give us a call today.

Thawley Orchard staff toilet floors finished in Nuplex Surfaglaze Topcoat.

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