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Sealord Shellfish Nelson - 2004

Refurbishing the Opening Room walls and replaceing the existing floors was the brief for the Sealord Shellfish factory in Nelson. 

The existing paint was cracked and peeling.  Floors and walls needed to be stripped right back to the bare materials.  Stainless walls were diamond ground.

To ensure the highest standards of hygiene, a high level of antimicrobial materials were required, and found in the two Nuplex materials, Situclad E on the walls, and Sterishield for the floors. 

Both Situclad E and Sterishield are antimicrobial; meaning that they inhibit bacterial growth.  Sterishield is an additive that was put into the resin for the floors.  Both materials have a proven track record in the seafood industry, where hygiene is at a premium. 

In the Opening Room, hygiene is critical.  Seafood is generally cooked, taken to the Opening Room and then frozen or freeze dried for packing.  If seafood is contaminated at any stage during the process then whole shipments can be recalled, or worse still the end consumer may be affected.

The Construction Coatings team had only ten days over the Christmas period when the factory was shut down.  All Sealord equipment such as opening belts had to be raised off the floor (suspended by a girder from the roof) so that the work could be done on the floor underneath.  From this point, it was also critical that the equipment was placed back onto the floor, rather than being incorporated into the floor to ensure hygiene at the completion of the job.

Extensive planning meant a successful result was achieved within an extremely short timeframe.
Seal_Shfsh_2004_1.JPG Seal_Shfsh_2004_3.JPG
Sealord_Shlfsh_2004_2.JPG Seal_Shfsh_2004_4.JPG
Sealord Shellfish - Opening Room wall and floor refurbishment 2004

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